sun, OCT 20


Historic Hays Co Courthouse Rotunda, 111 E. San Antonio St., center of downtown

9:30AM - Manskes, Mimosas y Más! VIP Breakfast, courtesy of the office of County Judge Ruben Becerra

Hosted by Hays Co Judge Ruben Becerra, a film advocate & the first person of color to helm the county’s highest post in 170 years, with immigrant-rights organizers from across Texas as our special guests

Price Center Ballroom, 222 W. San Antonio St.



GLOSSOLALIA (12 min; San Anto) w/ Justin A. Rodriguez, Writer/Director

An aspiring television faith healer consumed by darkness, since he will do anything to be the best in Texas.

Watch trailer here.


DON’T DIE (4 min; San Anto) w/ Cody Lovorn, Writer/Director

A man turning in for the night tries to figure out if someone broke into his house, or if it’s all in his head.


WALKING PAPERS (20 min) w/ Writer/Director Micheal Willbanks

A security guard at a rural bank winds down the last hour of his last shift before retirement when suddenly it’s robbed at gunpoint. Does he let them dash with the money, or risk his life to stop them?

bREATHE (2 min; Dallas) w/ Director Lüiis Hulé

A woman wakes up bounded & relives the moments leading to it.

Watch trailer here.

LILLIAN (16 min; League City) w/ Director Molly Vernon

A young teenager must care for her siblings & local orphans after her Grandmother is killed surrendering to the Mexican Army near the end of the Texas Revolution.

THE CHOICE (10 min; College Station)

A high school student’s life comes to a full turn when he befriends someone experimenting with a new drug that resembles candy.

* MELONTANA (14 min; San Anto)

Short doc on a cowboy-turned-watermelon-entrepreneur who leaves the Lone Star state for Montana -- with only his dog, his dreams & a truckload of melons for sale.

THE VALLEY (6 min; Wichita Falls) w/ Directors Cody Slice & Jordan Stavely

A photographer venturing in the mountains for the day stumbles upon a mysterious cult with wicked intentions.

KATZ ON THE INTERNET (13 min; Denton)

Gwendolyn & Milo, two hipster cats, document their life in the city to show the world a different view of online cat videos.

11AM -  MINOR INJUSTICE (1 hr 9 min; Lubbock)

Sponsored by: Mano Amiga

Texas is one of 4 states who charges 17-year-olds as adults in prosecution, with a bill  introduced in 2017 to raise the age from 17 to 18 due to adolescent development. Texas sentencing laws ignore scientific evidence that prompt the question: Can we morally send youth to adult prisons?

* I AM HERE (20 min; ATX) w/ Youth Rise Texas members 

A narrative crafted by Austin teens whose own families are confronting the dangers of a reckless police state, this short proves compellingly heartfelt, sassy, tragic & inspiring. Youth Rise Texas is a nonprofit largely made up of female & queer youth of color who’ve been affected by the deportation or incarceration of a parent.



A swimmingly visual rumination on romantic love, winner of this year’s 72-Hour Film Race. 


Mystery abounds in this tale of sneakery & fatal pursuits, a favorite of this year’s 72-Hour Film Race. 


A glimpse at the big-money interests driving horrendous downtown developments in a creation from this year’s 72-Hour Film Race. 

SILENT TRAIN (7 min; San Anto)

In order to survive on the Silent Train you must not make a sound. Featuring San Marcos’ Antonio Palacios, this impressively costumed film resulted from a 48-hour contest.

(15 min; Cali) w/ Director Güstavo Stebner

This Cali-based filmmaker was reared in SMTX, but has since set across the country in his cinematic pursuits. In this film, Joli finds a VHS from a Y2K New Year’s party & journeys off to show it to the love of her life.

Watch trailer here.

NOTHING TO SAY (7 min; El Paso)

A music video from a songwriter reminiscing about the one who got away, so many years ago. A project connected to local filmmaker Ryan Sultemeier.

(10 min; ATX)

On their last day of tour, a Black punk band finds themselves in an awkward & life-threatening situation. Co-starring Greg Williams of Chief & the Doomsday Device notoriety.

INTRO FOR PATRICK (6 min; ATX) w/ Director Sergio Carvajal-Leoni

An early glimpse at an enigmatic new documentary from the filmmaker behind local cult tale TIRAMISU FOR TWO, a cinematic love letter dispatched to Italy & San Marcos.

THE BUBBLEMAN (10 min) w/ Director Sachin Dheeraj

One of the bright personalities that makes SMTX such a special place to live, we follow The Bubbleman: an ex-veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan as an electrician & is now impacting students’ lives by blowing delightful, soapy, iridescent orbs into our existence.

DRY SPOT (8 min) w/ Writer/Director Shane Ramirez

A high-school janitor reflects on his life’s direction as he struggles to keep his teenage son on an academic path.


Sponsored by: Tom Copeland

THE EXIT BAG (12 minutes; Paris) w/ Executive Producer Ron Hervey

Suffering from the loss of his wife, Phillip Canton checks into a hotel to end his life. 

WHO LET THE TAXIDERMY OUT (9 min; Houston) w/ Director Laurence Unger

In this all-female cast, stemming from a Virginia College of Fine Arts masters thesis project, a reformed taxidermist brings animals back to life with chaotic consequences.

SWITCH (6 min; Wimberley) w/ Writer/Director Natasha Straley 

A child challenges his parents with their own tactics.



Pilar & her brothers are ecstatic about their first flight, but they must hide their excitement or risk revealing a secret.

Watch trailer here.

MACK MINDED: HUMANLY POSSIBLE (9 min; DFW) w/ Director Susan Carol Davis

Before the existence of the acronym STEM, Dr. Pauline Beery Mack pioneered in the quest for knowledge in science, technology & statistical research. 

RANDOM KNOWLEDGE (17 minutes; ATX) w/ Writer/Director Michael Charron

The final round of a trivia game puts random knowledge to the test for six teammates. 



An elderly woman recalls a day from her adolescence. 


5PM - Awards & Closing Night Film: * SEADRIFT (65 min, TX) w/ Director Tim Tsai & activist Beth Aplin Martin

Sponsored by: Kevin Huffaker

Set during the early days of Vietnamese arrival in the U.S., this feature documentary examines circumstances that led up to deadly violence in this coastal town at the other end of the San Marcos River, where Klan organizing flared in the 70s - as well as its dramatic aftermath & unexpected consequences that continue to reverberate today.

Zelick’s, 336 W. Hopkins St. (two blocks from Price Center)

7PM - VIP & Volunteer Pizza Party 

Let’s wrap Lost River Film Fest with fancy, savory pizza, courtesy Pie Society

* Films with an immigration theme are denoted with an asterisk.