9am-10:30am Vip & film-makers’ Brunch at Tantra coffeehouse

with live music by Ian Lee and the Sunrise Swing Quartet

217 W Hopkins St, San Marcos, TX 78666

10am-Noon at the price center

BLACK BODIES (ATX, 1hr22min), followed by a Q & A with director Charlotte Moore, presented by Black Women United



is a Moore Media film production which takes candid, thoughtful, courageous exploration into what it means to be black in America and in the world. We talk with black people of different ages, backgrounds, religions, nationalities, and skin tones to learn from them what it means to exist in their black bodies.

12pm-2pm at The Price Center

TEXAS, Y'ALL! celebrating texas-made CINEMA

MOTHERSH1P (DFW, 13min); SONNET 53 (McKinney; 4min); THE COTTAGES (Corpus Christi; 10min); ***SANKOFA (Denton, 14min);

OUT OF OPTIONS (ATX, 12min); AHA! (ATX, 5min); RAMONA: THIS TOO SHALL PASS (Brownsville, 20min); CLEMENTINE (ATX, 12min), followed by Q & A with numerous film-makers

MOTHERSH1P: A music based, sci-fi/horror anthology web series. This is the series in total. 10 1-minute long episodes + credits.

SONNET 53: An actress creates an audition tape performing Shakespeare's 53rd sonnet.

THE COTTAGES: The painful memories of his missing girlfriend have become too much for Dale and he decides to move away from the city. As he settles into his new community on the coast, he struggles with memory loss, the paranoia that something sinister lurks behind his neighbor's smiles, and where exactly he hid the body.

***SANKOFA: Two immigrant children, Elisa and Jo, have lived with a guardian in the U.S. for ten years, their home country unsafe. In that time, Elisa has kept strong feelings for her friend hidden. Their home now at peace, Jo is emigrating back to take care of his loved ones. On their last day together, Elisa takes Jo to the airport - hoping to be free of memory by either opening up to Jo, or quietly accepting their parting ways.

OUT OF OPTIONS: For Texans with severe epilepsy, a new treatment recently became legal: medical cannabis oil. As the state’s first dispensaries open, "Out of Options" follows two families trying the medication to reduce seizures.

AHA!: The thrilling conclusion of a murder most foul.

RAMONA-THIS TOO SHAL PASS: A famous 80-year-old female model reveals in front of a camera her torturous past. A "Spaghetti Western" with a Mexican twist.

CLEMENTINE: A film crew shoots a documentary about the home life of a seemingly normal, happy couple. But some things aren't how they appear on the surface.

2pm-4pm at The Price Center

78666 Local Showcase

***OP-ID (32 min); FATE HAS NO PLAN (Global Premier 14min); MURAL MAN (7min); 25 MILES DAMN (40 min), presented by Planet K, followed by a Q & A with local film-makers

OP-ID: The rise in migrant deaths at the South Texas Border has created a humanitarian crisis. The dead are buried as “unknowns” without proper analyses or DNA collection, leaving no hope of identification. Operation Identification is a team in San Marcos, Texas who dedicate their time to help identify and repatriate their remains to the families who are left behind. Each unidentified body found near the Texas-Mexico border is given a number for tracking purposes. OP-ID's mission is to turn those numbers into names. Using the style of Direct Cinema, we follow #0607 as his remains are exhumed and his journey for identification begins. Directed by Joshua David Matthews

FATE HAS NO PLAN: A young woman finds a pair of antique baby shoes with a mysterious name written on the soles and embarks on a journey to find out more. She soon realizes that it’s not what you find, it’s why you find it. Directed be Anita Azenet

MURAL MAN: A woman is obsessed with the portrait of a man in a mural and seeks guidance from a wacky guru to bring to life her obsession. the guru makes a potion and brings the portrait to life. Directed by Larry Mock

25 MILES, DAMN!: A San Marcos Cinema Club film competition comprised of 60-second non-fiction content filmed within 25 miles of San Marcos. An audience vote will determine our final winners!

4pm-6pm Closing Films at The Price Center

A STRIKE & AN UPRISING (1hr 6min), preceded by ***THE DAY THEY TOOK MY FATHER (Global Premiere, Wimberley, 18 min), followed by a Q & A with directors Anne Lewis (AS&AU) & Anlo Sepulveda (TDTTMF)



A STRIKE AND AN UPRISING (in texas) is an experimental documentary based in the telling of two events: the San Antonio pecan shellers’ strike of 1938 and the Jobs with Justice march led by Nacogdoches cafeteria workers, groundskeepers, and housekeepers in 1987.

***THE DAY THEY TOOK MY FATHER A documentary that chronicles the triumphant fight by Wimberley teenager Nataly Avendano to free her father Victor from ICE's clutches -- made by award-winning filmmakers Anlo Sepulveda & Jillian Hall, of YAKONA, which garnered a 2014 SXSW Audience Award.  A shorter version of THE DAY THEY TOOK MY FATHER recently won the national filmmaking contest for Beto O'Rourke, hosted by Richard Linklater, Robert Rodriguez, Ethan Hawke.

6:30pm Vip & Filmmaker Closing Party at Zelick’s full service bar

336 W Hopkins St, San Marcos, TX 78666