About the fest


The third annual Lost River Film Festival — four days of indie-cinema worship in San Marcos, TX, a half-hour drive from Austin in a funky college town endowed by a wondrous spring-fed river — is named in honor of the campy 1978 JAWS rip-off, PIRANHA: shot in a fictionalized incarnation of San Marcos, named accordingly… 

Lost River Film Fest is a project of San Marcos Cinema Club, a film society that cares both about film & society, whom the city's Arts Commission selected for their 2016 SMarts Award.

Thanks to funding by the Arts Commission, the film fest aims to combine memorable screenings of new short films & features alongside workshops, interactive events, exclusive parties & concerts.



San Marcos Cinema Club

San Marcos Cinema Club birthed in September of 2015, with this mission: 


To cultivate a community


unified by shared desire

to explore our collective knowledge & insights

via the art of motion pictures,

screening, in unconventional venues,

experimental / underground / queer / landmark / arty / social justice films

fused with

the fruit of San Martian artistry:

local music & local cuisine & local libations & other local creative pursuits

for mutual benefit,